In 1995, Mr. Rahul Saxenna founded and saw the formal establishment of Rahul’s Select both as a school of the allied arts and as a professional dance company. Later he renamed the institute as RSDC (Rahul Saxenna’s Dance Connection). Having long since expanded its boundaries, RSDC has grown into a multicultural institution, comprising of student and dancers from Mumbai and around the world.

RSDC has a corporate objective of promoting and nurturing creative talents in the younger generation as well as revitalizing the same in the older generation. We believe that “Talent in an artist has to be carefully nurtured with exceptional guidance for it to bloom successfully.” With this vision in mind, we strive to inspire the students and dancers by providing them with a platform to excel in their performance.

RSDC is also committed to provide high quality dance instructions for students of all age groups with technically designed classes and workshops. Each class or workshop is designed for specific levels of proficiency. We want our students to have fun while attending our classes or workshops. And our instructors who are well experienced, friendly and professional help them realize this dream.

RSDC has set many high goals for the future. These include exploring new dance avenues; promoting various dance forms and being a professional dance company providing the Indian industry a reason to be proud of.



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