Regular Classes

Our finest and most sought-after instructors conduct more than 20 batches for the beginner to the advanced dance enthusiast at three different studios spread across the city. Most classes are repeated offering everyone a chance to learn these stylish new steps! We want our students to have fun while attending our classes.

Weekend Classes

These classes are designed for people who can’t take out time in the weekdays because of their busy schedule. Thus we have classes especially on Saturdays and Sundays…though its only once a week but the duration of the classes is more than what we offer in weekday classes. Weekend classes are beneficial for couples that have different work timings on weekdays. Altogether it is a good creative way to spend a weekend and in the bargain you learn a dance form for lifetime.

Personal Training Programs (PTP)

PTP are the best way to achieve results in the shortest period of time. You move at your own pace with individualized attention. Students who wish to progress quickly or reach a higher level of dancing can opt for an individual tailored instruction that it provides. These lessons are available for singles and couples or to a group of friends of all age groups. The different forms of dances taught are Jive, Salsa, Waltz, Break dance, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Free Style Dancing with the skill level from beginners to advance level.

Crash Course

Crash course is generally held in the winter and summer vacations, keeping in mind all the students who want to utilize their vacations to learn dancing, which otherwise they can’t afford during the rest of the year because of their heavy study pattern. Here we teach these students the basic level in 12 continuous days wherein they are ready to party in a short span of time. This course is also helpful for people who just want to JIVE OR WALTZ in Christmas or New Year’s or somebody who wants to perform at their relatives wedding, anniversary or b’day parties. Conclusion is, you can learn faster by taking consecutive number of classes at a stretch.




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