Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a name given to define the only true culture that originated in the United States. It represents an entire culture that has developed into a way of life for many people worldwide since its beginning in the late seventies, with its first mainstream hit, in 1979, by the Sugar Hill Gang called ‘Rapper’s Delight’. Hip-hop symbolizes a realignment of America’s cultural aesthetics. Hip-Hop has a specific style and a set of body movements.

Although dance forms associated with hip-hop did develop in New York City, half of them (i.e. popping and locking) originated and developed on the west coast as part of a different cultural movement

when you talk about rap..Rap is part of the hip hop culture..The emceeing..The djaying is part of the hip hop culture. The dressing the languages are all part of the hip hop culture.The break dancing the b-boys, b-girls ..how you act, walk, look, talk are all part of hip hop culture.. and the music is colorless..

"Hip-hop" as a form of dance is becoming more popular. Hip hop dance comes from breakdancing, but does not consist wholly of breakdancing moves. Unlike most other forms of dance, which are often at least moderately structured, hip hop dance has few (if any) limitations on positions or steps. 

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